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Welcome to Cygnite.Africa. Cygnite.Africa is a Technology and Innovation Company.
Cygnite.Africa is a business-to-business innovation and technology company. Our clients are organizations that desire to use technology as the central pillar of their strategy.

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About Us

Cygnite is an indigenous Afro-Centric technology advisory and innovation company.
We work with organisations that wish to adopt technology or technology-led business models. We help clients conceptualize, design, source for and deploy relevant technology and innovation.
Sometimes we help them review existing systems and advise on how these can be improved or better aligned to the business.


Working With You

From Planning to Reality

Whether it’s a great tech idea, creating an innovative revenue stream or a tech problem to be solved: We become invested with each of the businesses we work with, right from the very start.

Check out some of the ways we are well-placed to help with.

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Technology & Digital Strategy

We help organisations plan for their technology investment. 


​These are some of the questions we hear most often:

  • What can technology do for your organisation?

  • How are you presently using technology to make money for your business - and value for your customers?

  • What are the possibilities for the future?

  • How can tech be used for competitiveness?

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Solution and Vendor Selection

We can help you find the right technology solution, matched with the right vendor.

We work with you to identify your next-generation of Business Systems from the existing technology market

We work with you to prepare solution AND vendor evaluation criteria to help you decide objectively.

We then work with you to select the best fitting solution AND most suitable vendor.

Our knowledge of Business Systems and market trends, locally and globally makes us a good partner.

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Make Yours A #FirmOfTheFuture With Cygnite

Cygnite's Way of Innovation: We want to explore new innovative and tech-driven business models with you.

#FOTF. #NewRevenue.

A #FirmOfTheFuture is a new revenue stream for an existing business or sector.

And one that is tech driven.

Exploring tech-led initiatives that can be used to extend normal brick and mortar businesses to reach new markets (or existing markets in a different way).

Are you trying to create a Completely New and Uncontested Market Space using technology? If yes, then you should consider a making your company a #FirmofTheFuture

Client 4

Technology Program Management

Managing Technology Projects.


We work with clients to management deployment of technology by third party vendors on internal teams.

  • Setup project management framework, based on best practice and international standards.

  • Advising and co-managing deployment of the selected solution with you.

  • Handover solutions to operations after successful deployment.

  • Advising on continuous improvement of Core Business Systems, in line with changing needs and realities


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